Diesel Engine Cleaning: Dry Ice Blasting Application


Recently, an industrial engine manufacturer contacted Snow White Services to determine the best method to remove sandy and oily residue from the surface of an industrial diesel engine used for oil field services. The diesel engine overheated and required complete disassembly for repair. To prevent internal component damage and contamination during service, the client needed to remove all loose and baked on debris from the engine surface. The oily residue was as thick as 1/8 of an inch.


After inspection and consultation, Snow White Services selected dry ice blasting as the best method to clean the engine exterior. The Snow White Services team used 2 dry ice blasting machines and removed the residue from the diesel engine surface in 8 hours. Due to the unique cleaning mechanism of dry ice blasting, there was minimal waste from the cleaning process. The client approved the results of the dry ice blasting project and proceeded with engine service.

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