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Industrial Cleaning

Improve Efficiency & Prevent Contamination


First-in-first-out efficiency and preventing contamination are essential to successful agriculture. Silos, grain bins, and storage tanks require specialized cleaning to maintain proper flow and product purity.

Snow White Services industrial cleaning technology cleans hardened accumulation without damaging your storage equipment. Our methods include dry ice blasting, hydro-blasting, steam blasting (hot water pressure washing), and vacuum trucks. All are safe, environmentally friendly, effective, and efficient.

After evaluating your specific needs, we determine the best method for your situation.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting cleans efficiently without generating a secondary waste stream.Crucial in agriculture, this process is nonconductive, nonflammable, and non-toxic.


Hydroblasting is industrial-strength pressure washing. Specialized, high-pressure nozzles safely remove built-up debris from tanks, bins, and other agricultural storage facilities.

Steam Blasting

Known as hot water pressure washing, steam blasting removes oil, grease, and residue from surfaces while protecting the substrate.

Vacuum Trucks

Wet and dry vacuum trucks remove materials from grease sludge to powders. They clean tanks and bins and finish silo cleanings.

We are on the forefront of new technology

Sponge-Jet Blasting

Soda Blasting

In agriculture, industrial strength technology is both efficient and effective. Snow White’s professional technicians handle the dangerous work of cleaning your silos, grain bins, and storage tanks safely.

Our environmentally friendly methods protect your equipment and the integrity of your operations. Regular cleanings allow maximum efficiency, productivity, and purity of your materials.


  • Cooling Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Ceilings, Rafters & Trusses
  • Concrete Flooring
  • Tubes and Pipes
  • Walls – Interior & Exterior
  • Poured Concrete Walls
  • Catwalks, Decks & Mezzanines
  • Lighting
  • Ductwork


  • Bins
  • Grain Dryers
  • Mixers
  • Grain Legs
  • Mills & Feed Mills

Pits & Containers

  • Bins
  • Grain Pits
  • Open Containers
  • Digesters
  • Secondary Containment Pits


  • Grain Silos
  • Sugar Silos
  • Food Storage Silos

Agriculture Industrial Cleaning Services
Agriculture Industrial Cleaning Services
Agriculture Industrial Cleaning Services
Agriculture Industrial Cleaning Services
Agriculture Industrial Cleaning Services
Agriculture Industrial Cleaning Services
Agriculture Industrial Cleaning Services
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Successful agriculture is all about timing. We clean your storage facilities with expert efficiency within your selected window of time.


By its nature, agriculture requires environmentally-friendly procedures. Snow White services offers a range of safe, effective methods to accomplish your cleaning tasks.


Dangers posed by heavy equipment and materials are real. Our professional technicians and technology eliminate storage cleaning hazards for you.


DIY cleaning methods waste your valuable time. Our industrial cleaning equipment does the job with minimal interruption to your operations.


Proper cleaning is crucial to first-in-first-out efficiency as well as avoiding contamination. Our methods are proven to accomplish the task.


Protecting your storage facilities is essential to success. Our professional, industrial cleaning technology removes unwanted residues while preserving your investment.


Different situations benefit from different solutions. Snow White Services works with you to determine the best procedure for your individual needs.

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