Renting Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Dry ice blasting is a proven method of cleaning industrial equipment, easily cutting through built-up industrial grime, dirt and grease, to make your machinery run more efficiently and saving money in the long term. Snow White Services provides dry ice blasting services and now we are offering equipment rental services for those times when you have the manpower to undertake your cleaning project.

Rental Equipment

We have two different capacity dry ice blasting machines available for rent. Our large capacity dry ice blasting machine holds approximately 80 pounds of dry ice pellets, providing plenty of blasting time between hopper fills. Our mid-sized machine holds about 40 pounds of pellets, and is more maneuverable in tight areas. Both machines will perform equally on the job at hand.


We also have several blasting nozzles to choose from, varying in degrees of aggressiveness, as well as specialty nozzles for blasting in tight areas, and we can offer varying lengths of blast hose and air supply hose to meet your particular needs.

Snow White Services can also provide all the dry ice pellets you’ll need for your project, at competitive rates.

Resources and Experience

When you rent dry ice blasting equipment from Snow White Services, we’ll put together the right combination of blast machine, nozzle, and hoses to make your project a success. We’ll also be available to provide training, as well as ongoing phone support.

Packages are available for delivery or pickup.

For more information on the dry ice cleaning process, please read “What is Dry Ice Blasting”.

For more information about equipment rental, please call us at 765-463-9100 or submit a request.